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First Time Bloggers

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Writing helps. It empowers all to a life of limitless possibilities

Whether you are a Student/Doctor/Engineer/Architect/Mom/Entrepreneur/Professor/Grand Parents/Scientist...we all learn constantly and strive to make the world a better place. We love to empower our peers/consumers/citizens/children to learn and evolve. Blog website empowers all. Start early and start contributing at an almost negligible cost.

Let us understand how Blogging can be advantageous

  • You can share your blog posts on social media with the click of a button

  • Blogging is the most valuable way of getting potential customers without spending on ads. you can drive potential customers to your business through content marketing

  • blog content gets indexed by Google—unlike almost all social media posts

  • Blogs give u the advantage of creating custom pages on the web. You don't need a tech-savvy person to build it for you

  • Blogging helps in creating your digital footprints. So start blogging early. Your Story/Your Opinion/Your Recommendation. Show Creativity and make it an interesting read.

Travel Blogger Or Food Blogger....Write Or VBlog. Build on Blog Websites

Tips on How and what to blog

  • Prepare well, A Blog is just not about writing. You need to create an engaging impact. A blog can go online in no time.

  • The quality of your blog has a significant influence on your success. It should be small and crisp, loaded with quality images/videos.

  • The reading time of a blog should be less than 5 minutes

  • Write about topics you are passionate about.

  • Don't mislead your reader. They may soon lose interest.

  • Check Blog Analytics to monitor its success.

  • The most important thing, ensure you include the right SEO KEYWORDS. It will help in building traffic to you and your brand name. for eg, if u are in the Physiotherapy Profession and want to boost your Brand Name, check Google SEO Keywords and use them wisely.

The image shows, that the highest keyword used on Google is "Physiotherapy for Back Pain"

Blogs can be laid in many ways. Choose based on your subject and taste. Few references:

Elegant and Minimum Design: BlogWebsite1

Two-Column Grid Blog: BlogWebsite2

Magazine Layout Blog: BlogWebsite3


DiTAPS Blogging Site

  • Invite peer bloggers on your website to blog. Encourage them. Create their writer profile

  • Read/Write comments.

  • Get free images/videos/blogging templates

  • Outreach to global clients via translating your blog into 180+ Language

  • Post Email Notifications

  • Add Poll

  • Add GoogleAds and Monetize your Blog

kindly leave a comment if you liked this blog. This will surely encourage DiTAPS to build more such blogs.

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Vasundhara Gupta
Vasundhara Gupta

Great Blog!! Love how it's focused around key points to be kept in mind while making blogs for the first time.

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