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Building Steps

It's critical to get a website built via a professional else Rework/Dissatisfaction can cost 10 times extra the initial cost.
Not only do you lose money but poor design/User experience/Usability will lead to abandoning the product.


Understand the Emotional, Technical and Business Goal from the client, most importantly who is the end consumer.
We ask WHY and WHAT so proposed design can be concentric to key requirements.

In case client just want a website and have no clarity on what they want, np! we will hold their hand and walk them till their idea is completely digitize to their highest satisfaction.

Building (UIX)

Once requirement are gathered,  DITAPS work on a prototype using industry standards.
The front end will be designed keeping Content Strategy, Visual Design, Interaction Design, and Information Architecture principles at the core. All these together build User Experience. 
User Experience ( UX ): Overall experience of a person using a website in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.


DITAPS ensures a flawless website launch which is only possible via rigorous testing. The website is tested for multiple factors. A few of them are the following:
1)Performance: The website loads fast.
2)User Experience: The user gets a pleasing experience.
3)Gadget Testing: website is operational on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops.
4)Security Testing: It is secure.
5)functional flow : Interpage flow


Asset 4_0.5x.png
Asset 5_0.5x.png
Before GoLive

1) Connect to Secure Domain 

2) Connect to Business Email Address

3) Configure SEO

4) Go LIVE

Post GoLive Support

Ditaps give 100% support after golive. All tweaks are happily addressed by DiTAPS. We look forward for life long handshake once a business relationship kick starts.

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