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Build website content from googlesheet (Zapier)

Updated: Jul 28, 2022


Allow clients to update and add website contents via google sheet


Google Sheet,

Wix Velo (repeater, collection, http-functions.js)

Zapier (3rd Party Integration Tool), webhooks


Cannot delete data as no real-time event handler is available on ZAPIER.


DEMO Video

STEP 1: Create google sheet via your Gmail account

Key Setup: Grant public readonly permissions

STEP 2 Create Collection via content manager

STEP 3 : Create Repeater and connect it to dataset

STEP 4 : Define put_ method in http-functions.js

STEP 5 Create ZAP on ZAPIER (note your webhook)

Fellow full stack developers, kindly leave a comment with the final project website name and how this was helpful to you in upgrading your client's site with this custom code patch. This will surely encourage DiTAPS to build more such blogs.

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