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Build website content from googlesheet (Zapier)

Updated: Oct 6


Allow clients to update and add website contents via google sheet


Google Sheet,

Wix Velo (repeater, collection, http-functions.js)

Zapier (3rd Party Integration Tool), webhooks


Cannot delete data as no real-time event handler is available on ZAPIER.


DEMO Video

STEP 1: Create google sheet via your Gmail account

Key Setup: Grant public readonly permissions

STEP 2 Create Collection via content manager

STEP 3 : Create Repeater and connect it to dataset

STEP 4 : Define put_ method in http-functions.js

STEP 5 Create ZAP on ZAPIER (note your webhook)

Fellow full stack developers, kindly leave a comment as how this was helpful. This will surely encourage DiTAPS to build more such blogs.

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