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Notify clients via SMS (Twilio)

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Send sms from wix
Send sms from wix


Post SMS, whenever wherever.


Twilio ,

Wix Velo (form)

Wix NPM Module

Wix Secret Manager


Step1: Add Contact

Step2: Post SMS to Contact

DEMO Video

STEP 1: Twilio Account Setup

Generate "Test From Phone Number"

Create Messaging Service

Setup SMS Service

Send Test Message.

STEP 2 Wix Site Secret Manager Setup

STEP 3 Open your site and under Wix Developer's console Import Twilio Module

STEP 4 Backend, define twilioSMS.jsw file

STEP 5 Invoke from frontend

Successful SMS, posted to admin (As we are using a Twilio test account)

Fellow full stack developers, kindly leave a comment with the final project website name and how this was helpful to you in upgrading your client's site with this custom code patch. This will surely encourage DiTAPS to build more such blogs.

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