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Posting SMS (Wix+Twilio)

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Advance Topic: Posting SMS @ economical rate. Integrating Your Website with Twilio.

Send sms from wix
Send sms from wix


Post SMS, whenever wherever.


Twilio ,

Wix Velo (form)

Wix NPM Module

Wix Secret Manager


Step1: Add Contact

Step2: Post SMS to Contact

DEMO Video

STEP 1: Twilio Account Setup

Generate "Test From Phone Number"

Create Messaging Service

Setup SMS Service

Send Test Message.

STEP 2 Wix Site Secret Manager Setup

STEP 3 Open your site and under Wix Developer's console Import Twilio Module

STEP 4 Backend, define twilioSMS.jsw file

STEP 5 Invoke from frontend

Successful SMS, posted to admin (As we are using a Twilio test account)

Fellow full stack developers, kindly leave a comment as how this was helpful. This will surely encourage DiTAPS to build more such blogs.


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