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Are we ready to deal with water scarcity?


Today is 18 Dec 2019, summer is approaching and though I'm elated with Xmas spirit,one thing is worrying me....Summer is approaching. Will we have enough water to deal with daily chores.....the tankers will start minting on us,there will be flood of notes,emails and messages to save water, take one bucket bath, no swimming pools,one hour water supply ......everything....Kids will be upset, and they often ask, mom why swimming pool is closed? I'll say , people don't even

have water to irrigate their land, how could u ask for such luxury....that's the point....IRRIGATION.

Whenever there is a discussion of "Scarcity of Water" arises ,most campaigned solution surfaces in our head

(1) Plant Trees

(2) Use one bucket bath and so on...

In fact they are part of the solution, especially planting tree will certainly help in SAVING planet EARTH.Its the solution for all problems humans have created.But there is more to do when it comes to deal with fresh water scarcity. Water crisis is majorly due to :

Unregulated and inefficient irrigation system

Dense Population

Poor governance

untreated wastewater poor mgmt

hot and dry weather,

low rainfall

Rising demand,poverty


loosing wetlands


80% to 90% of fresh water consumption in INDIA is in IRRIGATION, where 60% get wasted in leaky irrigation. The industry and domestic sector consume approximately 11% of the available fresh water in India. 80% fresh/clean water need is dependent on groundwater. Main source of irrigation water in India are tube well/well which uses groundwater.

So to address Water Scarcity, its very important that we work on following which in turn will provide both Water and Food Security to INDIA.

1) Optimized use of Rivers,Canals,Ground Water Irrigation sources and fix leaky irrigation.Encourage best agriculture practices to save ,reuse and recycle

water. India is a country where agriculture is widely practiced. Agriculture and its allied activities act as main source of livelihood for more than 80%

population of rural India. It provides employment to approximately 52% of labor. Its contribution to Gross Domestic product (GDP) is between 14 to 15%.

2) Encourage and establish Water treatment plants.

3) Encourage Reuse Water .

4) Work on Distribution of water

5) Work on Quantity and Quality of Water Supply

6) Define policies for Optimum use of water resources.

7) Work on water shortage,waste water discharge,pollutants,permits,compliance and regulatory issue

8) Reduce,Reuse,Recycle water.

9) Reduce Water Pollution.


the last question which arises further is why we get drought and flood and if we flood why we go dry, very simple answer the climate change ,global warming melts the glaciers as well erratic rains flood but that water is wasted it is not saved for dry days.It gets dumped in sea...so of course Development ,Planning ,Managing,Distributing and Regularizing WATER RESOURCES is key to FOOD AND WATER SECURE INDIA.

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